Sharon C.

In April, a dear friend suggested that I see Dr. Butterfield for the lower back and upper leg pain that I had been having for over a year. I couldn’t even walk around the block without being in quite a lot of pain! My primary care doctor sent me to physical therapy hoping that would solve the problem. Unfortunately, it only made a very small dent in the pain. I was open to other solutions, so I made an appointment with Dr. Butterfield. As I went through his protocol of treatment sessions, I began to feel more comfortable on my walks, shopping, and unloading groceries from the car! I’m feeling increased confidence about achieving my goal of going for walks without any pain at all. I’m so grateful to Dr. Butterfield for his technical expertise, patience, and optimistic attitude! He always makes sure that my whole body is in optimum condition before I leave his office. I highly encourage anyone with physical pain challenges to make an appointment with Dr. Butterfield at your earliest convenience!