About Chiropractic

“Ouch, my back hurts!” “Oh, after my car accident, my neck has been so sore!” These are often the complaints people associate with chiropractic care. We hear a neighbor talk about his back “going out” and imagine a chiropractor loudly cracking joints to put bones back in place. At its heart, however, chiropractic is about two outcomes: re-aligning joints to preserve full range of motion, and removing nerve interference to allow the body to heal itself. Because the spinal cord and many of our nerves pass through the spine and connect to bones and ligaments, when bones are not aligned properly, they can interrupt the messages nerves are trying to carry. A big interruption will cause pain (back pain, headaches, sore joints), but even small amounts of interference can keep your body from feeling and functioning at its best.

Dr. Butterfield uses a variety of chiropractic techniques to first identify exactly which bones are causing your symptoms, then to gently reposition them so that they are correctly aligned within the joint. Once your brain can send messages through the nerves without information being lost, your body can work wonders to heal itself.