Back to School Shouldn’t Mean Back to Pain!

There isn’t even a hint of fall in the air yet, but school supplies are popping up everywhere. As you prepare your family for a new school year, be sure to carefully consider your children’s most important piece of gear – their backpacks. When fully loaded, a child’s pack should weigh no more than 10% of their body weight, and should reach just below the waistline. Our office is happy to offer FREE BACKPACK FITTINGS to the Albuquerque community. If you aren’t sure your child’s pack fits right, just give us a call! A backpack that sits too low, weighs too much, or is improperly fitted can cause real harm – in 2001 backpacks accounted for more than 7,000 emergency room visits. Long term, children and teens can experience back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain from overweight, oversize packs and even develop deformities of the spine. Keep your family safe and healthy this school year with support from Dr. Butterfield.

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